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    In the mid-90s, Arnold Federic Hartman’s wife, Angelica Vale-Hartman, passed away from cancer. The couple Angelica also had their own daughter named Angelica Maria de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval. Angelica Maria was also known as “Madama Hartman” and was the mother of Arnold Federic Hartman

    She appeared on telenovelas as an infant and was found by her mother the person who managed her. They came together to record an album titled “Your Love.” Angelica Maria since married theatre producer Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval who was born to Arnold Frederic Hartman.

    Angelica Maria Vale-Hartman

    In 1975 Angelica Vale-Hartman gave birth to her child Angelica Vale. After that, she went back to television, taking part in various plays and a radio show called Yara. In 1980, she recorded 28 albums. Also, she was acknowledged for her work in the field of performing arts. Her musical career was a mix of genres, including ‘Adios y Carino”, ‘Dinastia’ as well as “A caballero in the sunshine.

    Born on the 27th of September 1944 Angelica Maria Vale Hartman was born in America and is a Mexican actress. Her parents are Arnold Frederic Hartman, an American businessman as well as the actor’s Mexican spouse, Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval. 

    The couple divorced at the age of Angelica Maria who was five years old. She and her mother moved to Mexico City. She is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, and English.

    Following 14 marriage years, Raul Vale’s fame grew. He performed numerous private appearances throughout his native United States. Additionally to that, he recorded many albums under the direction of Honorio Herrero. Additionally, he continued his music video “Una Estrella.”

    Angelica Maria Vale-Hartman was born on the 27th of September, 1944. She was born in Nueva Orleans Louisiana. When she was six years old she relocated from Louisiana to Mexico City with her family. Angelica began acting at the age of primary school.

    She was born with two artistic names: Arnold Federic Hartman and Maria Angelica Ortiz. Angelica’s first big part in an acting show was in 1956 when she was recommended to Gregorio Wallerstein at a celebration in Mexico City.

    A film career followed, notably “El Hogar Que Yo Robe” and “El Canto de la Cigarra”. She was later a star in a variety of films and TV shows in the 1960s, such as”Last Exiles,” the tragic “Last Exiles” with Manolo Fabregas. She also appeared in a stage play with her daughter Angelica Ortiz.

    Apart from films, Angelica Maria has acted in several short films and television shows. She was a part of”Fray Bullfighter,” a film called “Fray Bullfighter” alongside Paco Camino. In 1971, she starred in “Five of Chocolate and One Strawberry,” a Spanish-American-Spanish production. The film was a commercial hit throughout Central as well as South America.

    Angelica Maria Vale-Hartman started a career in the field as a young girl and acted in telenovelas, as an actress. She was the most successful recorder in Mexico at the time. Angelica Maria and her uncle were also actors on the screen.

    Alongside acting in films, they also enjoyed a successful musical career. They wrote popular songs like “Edi Edi,” “With a Very Small Kiss,” and “Dominique” as well as other songs.

    In her private daily life, Angelica Maria has undertaken two professions. Her first option is acting. Her mother was supportive of her throughout her life. Later, she took over her management. Her mother also aided her in every way. They had two children, Arnold and Angelica. Their children are the main characters of numerous TV films and shows. They were two of the most successful women in their career paths.

    They continued to work together and had great success in their respective careers. In the year 1980, Arnie Hartman and Angelica Ortiz toured together with the American Union and baptized their baby, Angelica Maria Hartman Ortiz. Her son Raul Vale was born on November 11, 1975. Their union ended in 1989, and they resided together happily in Mexico City.

    After changing to U.S. citizenship, Angelica Maria was motivated to pursue singing and acting. She was successful in pursuing a career in acting and has since become a globally recognized actor.

    She has won more than 200 awards around the world and has participated in 600 theatre and television productions. She has also been awarded a Golden Globe for her work. She has two sons living in her native United States.

    Angelica de Jesus Ortiz Sandoval

    Performer, actor and director Angelica Maria Hartman were born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1944. She was the wife of the accordionist Arnold Frederic Hartman and was pregnant at the time they were married. The couple split when she was just five.

    They got married in 1990 and Angelica was an international star. In 2000 she was awarded the Latin Grammy Award winner for “Five chocolates and one strawberry.”

    Her first role as an actor was included in the feature film Yoli which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her tour continued within her “Mama Ama el Rock” tour and performed in various Miami shows. She made her first balada ranchera disc, where she recorded duets in the company of Vicente Fernandez. 

    In the following year, she was a part of four episodes of the television show “Siempre en Domingo.” Her next appearance was as the featured role in the Mexican American film sexy comedy Yoli which was later substituted with Aurora in the US.

    The year was 1943. Angelica was married in 1943 to the American accordionist Arnold Frederic Hartman. They toured across the US together, performing in every state and performing in several clubs and concert venues. 

    Angelica worked through her birth and was with the singer in all of his gigs. In 1944 she gave birth to a girl. The couple’s daughter Angelica Vale was born the next year.

    The year 1977 was the first time Angelica Maria was in Corazon Salvaje the telenovela version of a play authored by Raul Vazquez. She also starred in the production Papacito Piernas Largas which was written by Lucero Suarez.

    It was first shown in Mexico in January 2004. In 2004 Angelica Maria appeared in the Telenovela La Casa of Lado. In 2007 Angelica Maria participated in “Amor sans makeup.”

    Her birthplace was Mexico and was given the name Angelica Maria in her honor. The father was Raul Vale, who was known as “The Bride of Mexico”.

    In addition to her acting, Angelica Maria also created and wrote the “La Cenicienta” musical “La Cenicienta”. Her daughter Angelica Maria founded a production company known as Productions Angelica Ortiz. Angelica Maria also co-produced a television show titled “La Cenicienta.”

    This actress was reared in Mexico and was asked to appear in a film by her grandfather. Following the death of her uncle, she returned to her film career in Mexico and was an editor for Astral in addition to filmmaking and producing various short films.

    In addition, she played the lead role in numerous long-form pieces. She also played Guionist for “Angelica de Jesus” (1970) as well as in Alberto Isaac’s El rincon of los virgenes (1972).

    After having a baby, Angelica Maria began acting in different productions. She performed in theaters in the 1970s. She also appeared in the Yara the telenovela in 1979. Angelica Maria also gave birth to a daughter in the year 1975.

    Angelica Maria and Raul Garcia came across each other in the recording studio, and they worked together during the same year. She later became a TV host throughout America. The United States.

    Apart from being an actor, Hartman is a singer and songwriter. She played a prominent character in Luis Delano’s “Agujetas de color rosa,” which ran for over 600 episodes. In 2006 she played one of the characters’ mothers “La Fea mas Bella.”

    The show was a big hit and was in the top ratings for 14 months, with more than five hundred episodes. The year 2007 was the last time she was a guest in the show “Hoy” and was part of the reunion of “Four Greats of Rock” alongside Alberto Vazquez.

    In the 1980s, she continued to appear in telenovelas like “La fea mas Bella.” The first telenovela that she appeared in solo, “Penthouse,” charted at the top spot in the United States and became an international phenomenon. She toured around the world on the show and was included in the Kleenex commercial.

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