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    The story of Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena begins on 9 September 1894, when the young artist was just 18 years old and in the hospital after suffering a terrible auto accident. This accident caused her to lose a significant amount of blood and was the catalyst for many years of treatment. The following is a brief biography of this incredible artist. She died at age 69, in 1961.

    a los 18 anos sufrier un grave accidente de autobus que la dejó en el hospital

    Frida Kahlo was 18 years old when she was involved in a tragic accident while traveling by bus. The accident caused a handrail to fly off the bus, leaving Kahlo with a broken pelvis and collarbone. She also suffered broken ribs and a fractured leg, and her spine was crushed. In addition to a broken spine, Frida Kahlo was also left with broken ribs and a fractured leg.

    Several people died in the accident. She was on her way home from school with her boyfriend, Alejandro Gomez Arias, when the accident occurred. The bus had collided with a car overtaking, causing the accident. The weather had made driving tricky at the time, and many people were killed.

    She was a Mexican national and the daughter of a German immigrant named Guillermo Kahlo Kaufmann. Her father was Carl Wilhelm Kahlo, a German-born Pforzheim native. The artist’s artistic works were based on her own life, including her experiences.

    a los 18 anos sufri but un grave accidente de autobus que la dejó en el hospital durante mucho tiempo

    In 1922, 18-year-old Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena was involved in a terrible autobus accident. While she was traveling home from school, she was struck by an autobus. She was thrown away from the vehicle and suffered serious injuries. After a series of operations and a few weeks in the hospital, Kahlo was able to return home to continue receiving medical care. She had to wear a body brace for months to help stabilize her back and fuse her bones together.

    The artist was traveling with her boyfriend Alejandro Gomez Arias from school when the accident occurred. As she tried to overtake the bus, it collided with her car. It was a terrible accident that left many people dead and injured. The weather was terrible and driving was extremely difficult, making it very difficult to avoid a crash, especially when it is raining.

    Frida Kahlo Cardena was the sister of the late Mexican artist. She had six siblings. Her father, Guillermo, was a German immigrant. Her mother, Margarita, was a native of Mexico. She was also a photographer, filmmaker, and journalist.

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