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    Brittany Shauntee Jackson, Marlon David Jackson’s daughter. Her father, Marlon David Jackson, has given her many accolades and individual recommendations. She was an integral part of the team from the very beginning. She is also an actress and singer. Her father, however, still has some respect for her in the music industry.

    Marlon Jackson

    Brittany, Marlon, and Brittany’s three daughters have different careers and personalities. Valencia is the oldest travel journalist. Brittany is an entrepreneur and cultural expert. She has two children, Savannah and Phoenix. Both of their daughters are college graduates. Their father is a singer as well as a businessman. They also have two foster children.

    The Jacksons split after the children were grown up. Although there were rumors about financial problems and siblings fighting, there is no evidence to support these rumors. In 1987, the elder son initiated a solo career. He was also a Southern California real estate agent. Marlon also co-owns the Black Family Channel, which is a station that centers on black families.

    Marlon Jackson was Gary, an Indiana native. He was the sixth of six children from the Jackson family. He was the sixth child of the Jackson family. His twin brother Brandon was also born prematurely. He graduated from Cal Prep in Encino in 1975.

    Marlon, who is currently 63 years of age and measures eighty-five kilograms, has finally lost his battle with cancer. Both she and her twin brother were born prematurely.

    They have three children, one named Marlon David, and Brittany Shauntee Jackson. Marlon Jackson and Carol Jackson have six grandchildren. Brittany Shauntee Jackson is a singer and businessman, while Marlon is very close to Robert Sanchez. They share a close relationship, and they are intensely in love.

    Marlon was very close to Michael Jackson as a child. Marlon, who is one year older than Michael Jackson, was very close to Michael as a child and often performed as the lead singer. Both children were reared in the homes of their parents.

    They kept in touch with one another throughout their adult lives and remained close friends. They tried to follow their father’s lead after Michael died. They were musicians and became successful real estate agents.

    The Jackson family is proud of their children and is close to them. The Jackson children are actors and singers. They also started their own travel branding and public relations agent. Valencia Jackson is Jackson’s oldest child. Marlon Jackson and Brittany also have a business. Their net worth has been enhanced by Brittany and Marlon’s success in their careers.

    In 1997, their brother Michael had his first hit, “Give it Up,” and the Jacksons were first on stage. They reunited later with their brothers and performed together at the concert to commemorate Michael’s 30th birthday at Madison Square Garden. Later, the trio was filmed in The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty. The three brothers still perform together as of 2012.

    The net worth of the Jackson family is close to $200 million. Marlon Jackson is married to his wife, Marlon, since 1969. He continues performing with his siblings and brothers. He is currently a South California real estate agent. Brittany Shauntee Jackson is their son. Although they all have their own roles, the three of them share a common love for music.

    Marlon Jackson, one of the most prominent names in music, has been in showbiz for many decades. His marriage to Carol Ann Parker, despite the fact that showbiz divorce is quite common, has lasted 47 years. It’s incredible to see how this couple has stayed together so long. Follow their videos and photos to stay in touch with their lives.

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