Chinese Police Shooting: Killing her daughter, girlfriend and her father.


    On July 26, 2022, a major criminal case in Michigan County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China, caused three deaths and two injuries. The suspect Li Mou was chased by the local police.

    According to reports, this tragedy was caused by emotional and debt disputes.

    The occurrence of this shooting was in A District A in Muxi Town. According to security guards in the community, the suspect Li had a house in the community.

    A number of merchants near the scene introduced to reporters that around 3 pm on July 26, an ambulance came to the community.

    The suspect Li was a police officer at the Police Station of Muxi Town, Michigan County. “The two who were shot by Li, one of them was his ‘girlfriend’ Yang.

    A number of people familiar with the matter said that tragedy may originate from the feelings and debt disputes of Li and Yang.


    According to police notifications, the two were shot and killed by two in this case.

    On the afternoon of the 28th, in Tongxin Village in Haiyun Township, the local villagers introduced to Xinhuanghe reporters that the three deceased were Yang’s 8 -year -old son, 5 -year -old daughter, and Yang’s father-in-law. Later, the arson was burned out of the house at the scene of the crime.

    “This house is from the parents of Yang Mouniang’s family. There are four houses in total, all of which have been burned. After the incident, fire, police cars, and special policemen came.”

    A staff member of the local village committee told Xinhuanghe reporter that Yang’s father-in-law came to see the child, but he encountered an accident. The reporter saw on the mountain not far from the scene that the burned house had been surrounded by the shed.

    Yang Mou’s father-in-law Wang Moufu is about 57 years old this year. His eldest son Wang Moujie is also Yang’s husband who works abroad all year round.

    Wang Moufu’s wife had previously worked in Yibin, Sichuan, and learned that her husband was rushed back after being killed. “Her body was not very good, and it was even more stimulating to be stimulated. The town is hospitalized. “

    The villagers in Haiyun Township said that they hope to find the suspect as soon as possible and give the victims an explanation.

    For this incident, many people release their own opinions

    Xuan Cui Si Mg: “If the actual situation of the case is the case, then the suspect is too fierce. Because children cannot offend you, why should this poisonous hand be used to the weak life ??? This is absolutely unforgivable to be unforgivable “

    HDUKWA7: “There are head debts and masters, how innocent children are, suspects lead guns, kill, set fire, and run away are premeditated. They may still hold a weapon. They are more dangerous than passionate crimes. “

    Wubi is entering: “In fact, it is a deceived honest man. The deception thinks she is smart enough and can turn people into playing with people. Honest people will not deceive people, but he is also an individual. Everything! Not to support the murderer, but to understand that he would kill! Or that sentence, the knife did not cut it on itself, it would not feel pain! “

    The silence of the heart: “This story tells us that we must fall in love when I go to school, and learn everything, so as not too emotional immunity. When facing people who like and cannot be together, they collapse. As for a woman who ruins her life. “

    Magic fan: “In any case, killing, killing two young children, this person is already crazy, and will be judged by law!”

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