Constance Chernick and Billy Bob Thornton


    Constance Chernick and Billy Bob Thornton, who have been together for almost ten years, tied the knot in October 2014. They met while working on Bad Santa in 2003 and have been together ever since. Connie is a costume designer and puppeteer. Their first child was born during their relationship. Their daughter was ten years old when they married. Constance Thornton, an actress who worked on Men In Black, is their daughter.

    Constance Chernick

    Billy Bob Thornton

    American actor Billy Bob Thornton has been in many successful relationships and marriages. His breakthrough movie was “One False Move”, which was his first film. The action thriller “Sling Blade” earned him international attention. Thornton was also nominated for Best Actor and the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Thornton’s love life is also interesting. He has been married six times and has been divorced five times.

    Although Billy Bob’s personal life is not easy, Connie Angland, a visual effects artist, is a good sign of times. They secretly got married in 2014 and have been together ever since. Billy Bob Thornton has been married five times before, each marriage lasting for two years. Two children were born from his previous relationships, William Langston Thornton and Harry James Thornton. Although it is not clear when Billy Bob will marry Connie, he is content with his current relationship.

    Thornton starred in many films after the success of Sling Blade. These include the modern noir The Man Who Wasn’t There as well as the family drama Monster’s Ball. Thornton has also appeared in numerous other films, including The Alamo (2004) as well as School for Scoundrels. Thornton has been a part of many television series including High School Musical: The Golden Age and The Big Bang Theory. Thornton’s career has just begun. Thornton has directed many films, including “Eagle Eye”, an acclaimed thriller (2006), and Faster (2010).

    Pietra Cherniak

    Ex-wives are the reason that two of Hollywood’s most prominent actors are ex-wives. They share a deep love for Pietra Cherryniak. Cherniak was naked for a magazine cover and went on to be a model and actress. E! also featured her. True Hollywood Story. Thornton is an actor, and director and has acted in many movies. Thornton is also a drummer for Jack Hammer, a South African rock band.

    Pietra Cherniak and Billy Cherniak met in a restaurant. They were married the next year. But, Billy had already been divorced from Cynda Williams, his first wife. Their marriage lasted two years and they divorced after a dispute over money. After the divorce, Billy married Connie Angland again.

    Pietra Dawn Cherniak, a model and actress, was active in the Russian movie industry before she married William Thornton. Her agent estimates that she has a net worth between $500,000 to $1 million and has been nominated and received numerous awards. Bill Thornton has a net worth of over 45 million dollars and her husband owns multiple properties. Her net worth is $500,000 while her ex-husband Billy Bob Cherniak has a net value of approximately $50 million.

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