Gaby Rivero and Luis Francisco Ricote


    Gaby Rivero is an accomplished actress who has appeared in melodramas such as ‘Amor Dividido’, who has been wed to photographer Luis Francisco Ricote. They have three children: Gaby, Lara and Ava. 

    Their marriage has been a secure one for more than 30 years. Luis Francisco and Gaby have a great relationship and are madly in love. Their marriage has been successful and their children are proficient comedians.

    Gaby Rivero’s husband is

    Gaby Rivero and is with Luis Francisco Ricote for 28 years. Both of them are talented artists and have been active in movies and TV shows. She has two daughters as well as one son. Despite their hectic schedules, they are able to spend time with each other. Her husband is a businessman. They have two kids, Gaby Jonathan and Rivero Jonathan.

    Gabriela Rivero was born on September 15, 1963, on the 15th of September in Mexico City. She is famous as a performer and actress. Her most famous performance was in the film “Carrousel”. She has also appeared in numerous television serials.

    Her most loved role is Maestra Jimena. She is a multifaceted artist with abilities, such as acting, singing as well as dancing. Parents, Maria de Lourdes Abaroa and Mario Rivero, reared her. They were close to each other and Gabriela was raised in a secure house. Her first wedding to Francisco Luis Ricote took place in 1993. The couple got married on the 12th of June.

    The husband of Gabriela Rivero, Luis Francisco Ricote, is an actor and a photographer. The couple is blessed with two children. The son of the couple is called Gabriel. The couple has been dating for a number of years. Their wedding took place on June 12, 1994. Both are Leos however the date when they got married isn’t known. The couple is now proud parents of two children.

    Lara Ricote is an entertainer

    Gabriela Rivero is a Mexican actress who is famous for her performance in the film Carrusel de las Americas. She has also been featured in several other Mexican films, like the soap drama ‘El Rostro of La Venganza.’ Her earnings are claimed to be between 1 million each year. She was married to her husband Luis Francisco Ricote when she was just 30 years old. older. They’ve been married for over 28 years, and have three daughters.

    Gaby Rivero is the daughter of the famous actor Gaby Rivero. Her home is in Amsterdam, Holland, where she is a stand-up comedian. She has appeared in a variety of Telenovelas, such as Carrusel, and has had a frequent appearance on Comedy Central. The couple’s romance began in the year Lara had reached her teens. She acquired her acting skills at the age of eight years old. She subsequently chose to go to an acting school at CEA in Mexico City.

    Gaby Rivero is a Melodrama actor.

    Gabriela Rivero was born on September 15, 1964, in Mexico City. Her parents are Maria de Lourdes Abaroa and Mario Rivero. She started her career as a dancer and model. She starred in a show for children named Xe-Tu. She also appeared on Carrusel along with La Hora del Gane. She also appeared on several television shows.

    A melodrama actress who loves to focus on issues of the moment, Gaby Rivero is currently playing a character in “Divided Love,” forthcoming telemetry that stars Eva Cedeno. The melodrama’s setting is the present and Rivero has made a commitment to tackling the issues of today. It was an honor to collaborate with her husband whom she has now become a husband.

    She has also appeared on numerous television shows, including “Nosotros Los Guapos” and “Vencer,” among others. Also, she is an actor who has starred alongside Angelique Boyer. She also hosted the TV series “La Fuerza de Creer” and has appeared in several films. This is her most acclaimed performance to the present. She has been part of a variety of television series as well as films and enjoys an ever-growing number of fans.

    Since she began her career as an actress Rivero has been performing in melodramas. She has appeared in a variety of films that include Cenicienta along with Dorothy. She is currently wed to Francisco Luis Ricote. The couple got married on the 12th of June, 1993. Gaby was the child of Mario Rivero and Maria de Lourdes Abaro. She has three children.

    Luis Francisco Ricote is a photographer.

    If you’re an avid fan of Mexican-American culture, then you’ve likely been familiar with Luis Francisco Ricote. His pictures have a distinctly Mexican style. He is linked to Gaby Rivero, a renowned actress and singer. The couple has three daughters. Their two sons, Gabriel and Luca, are also photographers. Their enthusiasm for Mexican art is evident in their photos.

    Although it’s not clear the exact date Ricote was born he is linked to Gabriella Rivero for more than two decades. They met at high school and were in love. They were married in 1993. and were wed and are together since then. They’ve also run an incredibly successful business. Gabriella is a well-known model and has performed some acting. She has garnered a following in the Philippines and around the world.

    Their first encounter was at a gathering, during which they shared jokes. At the reception, they started talking and eventually became friends. Luis and Gabby were able to stay hours laughing with each other by sharing stories from their childhood.

    They embraced over laughter for hours before falling in love with each other. Their relationship has grown more enduring and their bond is growing stronger. Laughter is the most important element in a lasting relationship and so they had a long time telling their partners jokes.

    Gaby Rivero is a singer.

    Gabriela Rivero was born in Mexico City on 15 September 1964. She started her career as a dancer and model. She has also appeared on a variety of television shows and albums. She has a characteristic voice and distinct style. She has also appeared in a variety of stage productions, such as “Una Maestra con Angel,” “Imagination” and “O Caminho Secreto.”

    Gabriela Rivero is a popular actress and singer who was reared in Mexico City. She is well-known for her portrayal of Maestra Jimena in telenovelas. She has a long and varied resume that includes acting, modeling as well as singing and dancing.

    Her husband and she have two sons. The father of her children, Mario Rivero, is a professional businessman and photographer. Their relationship was shown in a TV show during which they stressed that laughter is an essential aspect of a long-lasting relationship. They spent hours sharing jokes and laughing.

    Gabriela Rivero and Luis Francisco Ricote were married in 2022. Gabriela Rivero is a Leo and her husband is a Virgo. The two zodiac signs supplement each other. The zodiac sign for the couple is Leo The two are Virgo. Luis Francisco Ricote is N/A years old, while Gaby Rivero is 57 years old. older. Their union has been successful for both.

    Gaby Rivero is the mother of three daughters.

    Gabriella Rivero, better known as Maestra Jimena is a singer and actress from Mexico. Born in Mexico City and began modeling when she was a young girl. Later, she won the TVyNovela Best Actress award in 1987. Then, in 1993 she married Francisco Luis Ricote. They share three daughters: Gabriela, Erika, and Liliana.

    Gabriela Rivero’s husband works as a photographer and businessman who has an estimated net worth between $1 million and $5 million. The couple met while working on the set of the variety show Despierta America, and the couple later tied the knot.

    They now have three daughters. Gabriela is an actor and her husband is a photographer. They have been together for over two decades, and they have three daughters.

    The actress is a Virgo and is attributed with attention to precision and compassion. Virgos are adroit and gentle however they may also close their hearts to guard their feelings. Gabriela Rivero has three daughters together with her husband Francisco Ricote. 

    Abaroa’s work in the world of entertainment started in the 1970s when she appeared on the TV show Xe Tu. The actress later appeared on Mexican Telenovelas like Sin Ti.

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