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    Janeen Stamos is an American actress who starred in the sitcom “The Office.” She was born in Fultondale, Alabama, and has lived in California and Alabama. She has relatives in the Rehling family, including her cousin, Robert S. Rehling, and James C. Rehling. Janeen is also cousin to Blake Rehling and Cheryll L. Rehlings have five children, including Janeen.

    John Stamos

    Actors John Stamos and Janeen Stratton are married. John Stamos is an American born and reared in Cypress, California. He grew up in a Christian household and completed his schooling at John F. Kennedy High School.

    After a short stint as an aspiring actor, Stamos became an award-winning stage performer and went on to work in many TV series. Janeen Stamos was born in Los Angeles and is the eldest of two sisters.

    The couple met while graduating from school. Janeen Stamos started her career in education as a primary school teacher. After her first marriage, she later went on to become a college professor of English literature. John Stamos and Janeen Stamos had two children, Robert and Olivia. Prior to their marriage, Janeen Stamos was not well known. She was a primary school teacher but later on married a famous musician.

    While they were still acting on TV, Janeen and John Stamos resumed working together. Stamos appeared in ABC’s “Thieves” but the show was quickly canceled. Nevertheless, Stamos and Janeen Stamos are still in touch and reunited at least once a year.

    Their relationship is as good as ever and they’ve both been very successful in their respective fields.

    The Stamos were married in 1994 and are parents of two boys. Both Stamos are former teachers and have two children of their own. In addition, they have a son named Alex Stamos Their marriage has brought them a lot of joy, as they have been a couple for over 20 years.

    There’s nothing quite like the combination of two great people. But the Stamoss children are also incredibly fortunate as they’re able to be together.

    As for Janeen Stamos, she was John Stamos’ childhood sweetheart. In December 2017, she disclosed her pregnancy. In February 2018, the couple married in a secret ceremony, which only friends and family knew about. A few months after their marriage, Stamos announced their separation and later claimed divorce. Afterward, John and Janeen Stamos welcomed their first child, Billy Stamos

    The Stamos has a long history in television and film. John was the first cast in the soap opera ‘General Hospital’ as a young Blackie Parrish. He was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for his role in ‘General Hospital.’

    They went on to work on the sitcom ‘You’, with actor Jack Klugman. In 1987, they teamed up again in ‘You’. They played three friends

    Afterward, they married Caitlin McHugh. Their romance began in October 2017, and they announced their pregnancy in less than two months. They met while filming ‘Law & Order: SUV. They have a son together. The couple is now raising their son. The couple is happy with their baby boy, Billy. But their relationship is far from perfect. However, John and Caitlin are currently dating.

    Loretta Stamos.

    John Stamos is known for stating his gratitude towards his parents, especially his mother, Loretta Phillips Stamos. Loretta Stamos passed away in September 2014 at the age of 75. Born in the US, she had completed her childhood in England, where she was a swimsuit model.

    During her career, Loretta Stamos met her future husband, Greek restaurateur Bill Stamos. The couple had four children together.

    John Stamos is a popular actor, who began his acting career in 1982’s General Hospital. His career has since spanned over seventy years, and he has appeared in 74 TV series. His biological sister, Caitlin, joined him in the same year from the hit show I Am Legend and has also worked in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Blood.

    Loretta Phillips was a model and actress. She died on 22 September 2014. She is the biological sister of John Stamos and Janeen Stamos.

    Before her marriage, Janeen had a net worth of $1 million. After marriage, her net worth climbed to $5 million. They are the wealthiest couple in the history of America and have been married for over three decades.

    Despite their affluence, Janeen Stamos remains humble, but the two-parent family has supported them with their two children. The couple’s happiness is evident in their happiness.

    John Stamos is a talented American actor and musician. He is best known for his roles in television and film. He was born on 19 August 1963 in Cypress, California. His full name is John Phillip Stamos. His parents are Greek immigrants. He attended John F.

    Kennedy High School in La Palma, California. His sister, Janeen Stamos, is also an actress. Despite her small size, she is an adorable, affectionate baby.

    John Stamos is well known for his role in Full House. He has been in many TV movies since 1995. He is the national spokesperson for Project Cuddle. He played Dr. Tony Gates in ER from 2005 to 2009, and Senator Cantwell in The Best Man from July to September 2012.

    John Stamos is married to Caitlin McHugh. The couple was together on Christmas Eve 1997 and married in the Beverly Hills Hotel on 19 September 1998. They separated in 2004 and then filed for divorce in August of that year. His wife, Caitlin McHugh, is a model. The couple had a baby boy, Billy Stamos, in April 2018.

    Alaina Stamos.

    John Stamos is a well-known actor and producer. His twin sister Alaina Stamos is a popular actress and model who shares her name. The couple also has two younger sisters: Janeen Stamos and Alaina. They were born in a Greek villa in Kaikoura in the Peloponnese region.

    Alaina and her siblings were reared by their parents, Loretta Donna and William Invoice Stamos. Both parents were diner owners and he has strong family ties.

    The two sisters are very close and have a brother and sister relationship. Their relationship has forged a special bond. While both of their parents were famous for their work on television, they also had a close relationship. John Stamos and Alaina grew up in Los Angeles.

    The family watched their sister perform magic tricks and rubbed their heads in an amusing manner. As a child, Alaina enjoyed watching her sister perform in front of the family.

    Loretta Stamos was the mother of Alaina Stamos and Janeen. She had always supported her son, although she wanted him to pursue a more meaningful career. After her son’s declaration, she changed her mind.

    Loretta witnessed her son’s performances and helped him despite his lackluster success. She also founded a charity for cancer patients. She is survived by her husband, Frank Talarico.

    While John and Janeen Stamos share a son, Janeen and Alaina are no longer married. The couple split in 2004. Janeen Stamos is a strict vegetarian and does not possess alcohol or smoke. She is a very slender woman who weighs only 167 pounds. The two have been dating since 1996 and have two children. The kids have become famous after they got married.

    John and Caitlin Stamos are the parents of Alaina Stamos, John’s daughter. They met at Victoria’s Secrets fashion show in 1994 and later got engaged. Their marriage took place in 1998 but was never a happy union. Romijn later married a restauranter Jerry O’Connell and divorced in 2005. After their marriage, John and Caitlin had two children.

    John Stamos was born on August 19, 1963, in Cypress, California. He completed his schooling at the John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma, California. He is a Christian and a member of the American Nationality. Janeen and Alaina Stamos are their two younger sisters. They have a great love of music, and he is a devoted fan of The Beach Boys.

    The mother of two daughters, Janeen Stamos and Alaina, John and Catlin, has a son named Noah. Their focus is family and behind-the-scenes work. Her husband, meanwhile, is a singer and producer. In the movie “You Again?” John Stamos starred as the eldest of three siblings. He studied the piano and began playing instruments at age four. Then, he formed the rock band Destiny.

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