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    Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso claims to have been assaulted by her siblings. But, she claims that she’s continuing to be in the industry of fashion industry legally. 

    The story highlights the difficulties of trying to make a successful career in fashion particularly when the only choice is to follow your legal procedure. Here is a little evidence to show her innocence.

    Alicia Juarez

    Alicia Juarez was a Mexican actress and singer. Her name was a popular one: La Musa of Mexico which means “the muse of Mexico.” Alicia Juarez died on December 29th in 2010. Below is some interesting information about the life of Alicia Juarez.

    The way she lives and the work that she does has enriched everyone around her. Here’s a look at a few of her most notable accomplishments. We’ve also put together the most famous quotes.

    Alicia Juarez was born on July 9th 1949. She got married to Jose Alfredo Jimenez in 1969 Their marriage initiated her career. Alicia Juarez made nine films which included five in starring roles. She was a pioneer of Mexican pop culture.

    Her career spans several decades and was characterized by an impressive array of talents. Although she was most famous for her performance as Tio Chico in “Tio Chico,” she was also a talented actress and singer.

    The career of Alicia Juarez in the field of music started in the same manner as her professional career in Lucha. She was financed by a close associate, Jose Alfredo. They wanted to form an art copla similar to Grandota de Camargo and become more famous than Villa.

    Though she never imagined she would be a star performer, she did find herself lucky to have the support of an old friend, Jose Alfredo. In reality, Jose Alfredo was Alicia’s most devoted fan and personal mentor. Alicia Juarez was a Mexican-American woman.

    Joan Sebastian

    A TV series based on the life of the singer Joan Sebastian was launched by Televisa. The critically acclaimed actor and performer who appeared in the movie Joan y Julio, portrayed his wife, Maribel Guardia, during her early years.

    Then, Joan Sebastian married another woman known as Erica Alonso and they had one daughter, Juliana. The show first aired on June 27, 2016, on Univision and ran through July 25 on the 25th of July, the 25th of July.

    The year 1977 was the time that Joan Sebastian changed her legal name from 1977 to Joan Sebastian. The name was partly originally from San Sebastian, a Spanish city. After signing a recording contract with Musart the singer performed her first hit songs which included “Juliantla.” Also, she recorded the Maracas duet along with Alberto Vazquez.

    Her second hit single, “Secreto de Amor,” was a top-selling single, and was accredited as 4x platinum for the Latin field by the RIAA. She also received the Lo Nuestro Award for excellence in her field.

    Alonso was named acting attorney for the matter. The attorney was given the task of collecting the money and identifying the assets of the estate of the deceased artist. Alonso was a great option to be the representative of Erica even though they only got married.

    She was a Scorpio and this meant it was the same zodiac sign as her husband. Alonso is an extremely competent and gifted lawyer.

    Jose Manuel Figueroa Figueroa

    The actress, who goes by the name of Juliana Joeri Alonso, is the daughter of a Mexican musician and singer Joan Sebastian. Her father is known as a prolific singer and writer and authored over 1,000 songs.

    The other children of his comprise Bronco, Lucero, Pepe Aguilar as well as Rocio Durcal. While she is his youngest child, she does have older siblings.

    Even though he’s still a kid but he’s already made a mark in the world of entertainment. As a performer, Figueroa has released two albums as well as a mini-series. His debut album, Expulsado del Paraiso, is his most popular work to date.

    His songwriting experience has involved collaborations with his twin brother Julian who is an accomplished performer.

    Although he has an affluent family history, the children that he was able to share with different partners are also claimed as her children. However, Juliana Joeri Alonso is living a privileged existence in Texas and is aspiring to inherit the estate of her father.

    Although the scandal has sparked the public, she asserts that she is not a person who was a victim of Mexican drug cartels.

    He is the father of Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian. There are two of his sons: Nikolas as well as Juan Sebastian. The second woman he has married, Teresa Gonzales, has two daughters, I’ve as well as Joana Marcelia.

    Her stepfather and father, Teresa Gonzales, also have two sons: Juan Sebastian and Trigo Jesus. The actress was also involved with Ninel Conde, her sister.

    Viviana Serna

    Following a brief marriage, Viviana Serna Juliana Jose Figueroa Alonso, and Cipriano Sotelo got married in the year 1986. In the course of their marriage, the couple had three sons. The first son, Trigo de Jesus Figueroa was born on the 29th of September, 1979. The two others, Maribel Guardia and Teresa Figueroa suffered strokes in the year 2008. 

    In the course of their relationship she was married to three ladies: Alina Espino Gonzalez, Juliana Figueroa Alonso, and Erica Alonso. Throughout the entire relationship, the three women were in deep affection, and they had three sons.

    Viviana Serna is a Colombian actress from Colombia. She appears in the series “Por Siempre Joan Sebastian” as Palomita who was a past lover who was once the singer’s wife. The actress was married to her husband at an establishment in Mexico City. 

    The couple divorced later, and Viviana Serna dated Original. Similar to the way, both women have daughters.

    Erica Alonso

    Joan Sebastian and Erica Alonso have a long-lasting friendship. While they separated for several years, they remained close friends. Alina Espino, the former husband of Joan Sebastian, had a daughter who was his, Juliana Joeri Figueroa.

    Following her union, Joan Sebastian had a fleeting relationship in relationship with Maria del Carmen Ocampo, which led to Zarelea Figueroa.

    In the event of the artist’s passing the case was opened as part of the succession testamentary process. Fortunately, the artist’s family members are comfortable and have their own homes. Juliana is, however, aspiring to inherit her father’s estate to live an improved life.

    The allegations of abuse against her siblings haven’t hindered the family’s progress forward. However, the perpetrators of the abuse will be faced with any consequences for their choices.

    As if in a moment of love the mother of the couple, Maribel Guardia, shared an image of the couple as kids. “As we grow older, our children will be closer than ever,” she stated. “We can’t wait to see what they do next!”

    Joan Sebastian’s last encounter with her daughter is a tragedy however, she is determined to make amends. She was in a loving friendship with Juliana and Maribel and they were able to work together.

    Their love affair was not long-lasting and she maintained that her children should be with each other. In spite of this, she was still the most loved woman in her own life.

    Juan Sebastian Sebastian

    The death by gunshot of Juan Sebastian Figueroa Alonso in Cuernavaca, Morelos, was an outrage to the football world. Alonso the second-most popular brother to Juliana Joeri, had earlier been refused entry into a Spanish club.

    The father of his son, Joan Sebastian, stated that the death of his son had nothing to have anything to do with Mexican criminal cartels. He was refused entry into the club following his rejection to move.

    His death has created an open wound for his place in the Mexican sporting world. Their nephew of his, Hugo Figueroa, was assassinated in a separate case. Sebastian along with his son Julian was engaged in a fight when his nephew was taken away.

    The suspects eventually fled with a gun and killed Sebastian. The body of the victim was unearthed on the highway of Michoacan. Later, the body was discovered near the grave of his uncle.

    They have five kids and one of them is a son. Figueroa began his career in Latin popular songs however, he later concentrated on local Mexican music. 

    He penned a number of songs that were Spanish-language and his composition “As es la Vida” is among the most well-known. Figueroa was also a performer and was a co-star in the soap opera “T y Yo.”

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