The King of Comedies: History of Lee Si-Young and Cho Seong-Hyun


    Lee Si-Young and Cho Seong-Hyun

    Lee Si-Young and Cho Seong-Hyun began dating in August 2016. They became acquainted by mutual connections. Lee Si-Young revealed via social media on July 17, 2017, that she was expecting her first child at 14 weeks. The couple later tied the knot in September 2017 when they had their baby boy Jung-Yoon on the 1st of September the year 2018.

    Lee Si-young

    The actors Cho Seong-Hyun and Lee Si-young have been drawing people’s attention with their new projects. They were recently featured on Netflix K-Drama Sweet Home, where they displayed their slender bodies. Lee-si-young also uploaded an amazing video to her TikTok account, in which she smashed up a whole watermelon following her husband’s play the prank.

    The couple began their relationship in August 2016, after they met through acquaintances who were mutual. On July 17, 2017, Lee-si Young announced on social media she was expecting her first child at 14 weeks. In September of 2017, the couple tied the knot and had their first child Jung-Yoon.

    Lee-si-young was a mom of the year. The couple first met in kindergarten and were closely following the school year. They also welcomed their son, Jung-Yoon. January 2018.

    After her marriage, Lee-si-young was blessed with an infant together. She then began modeling. She also got married to a well-known actor. In 2013 she became an actor in Sisyphus The Myth. The year 2012 saw Cho Seong Hyun and Lee-si young married. Lee Si-Young’s birthplace was Heungdeok, Cheongju, South Korea in 1982.

    cho seong-hyun
    Cho Seong-Hyun

    Cho Seong-Hyun and Lee-si-young have made time for their families over their professional lives. The birth of their son took place in the year 2018 and the actress also has an official YouTube channel. The content is primarily inspired by the actress’s hiking experiences. Cho Seong-Hyun and Lee Si-young have one son and are now working on raising children. However, they’re striving to make their mark in the world of entertainment.

    Cho Seong-Hyun and Lee Yi-young met on an airplane. Lee Si Young was the one who was pindah . She was changed to Lee Shi Young when she was just nine years old. Lee Si Young was inspired by the actresses’ common fascination with fashion.

    She went on to become a fashion designer with a lot of success. They also share an enthusiasm for makeup and music. Lee Si Young and Cho Seong-Hyun’s “Grid” drama is becoming an instant smash.

    Apart from being well-known actors, The couple has established their mark as entrepreneurs. Cho Seung-Hyun runs a restaurant franchise that has annual revenue of $2.2 million. Additionally, they’ve made fortunes in real estate by selling two properties at $3.5 million each. 

    While the couple is known for their stylish lifestyle, there’s the fact that having a marriage is a resounding success.

    While they are famous for their roles in movies they both have tried their hand at boxing. In 2010, Lee started boxing while training for the part she was playing in “The Girlfriend From College.” She continued to train after leaving the film. 

    She participated in amateur boxing matches. At first, she planned to join the Olympic team. South Korean Olympic team. Unfortunately, the injuries caused her to quit boxing in 2015.

    The couple’s wedding was covered on Mnet’s “time News program, and they were named as the 14th most married couples with 1 percent wealth. In the restaurant industry, they had success through the Hanwoo specialty store for meat as well as Lee Si-young’s regular pork restaurant.

    Additionally, they had made more than four billion won with their business ventures that were successful. The couple’s net worth was estimated to be 40 million by 2022.

    While Lee was not a star in the world of music she has been a part of various soundtracks for films. She sang two tracks on Jun Jin’s 2009 EP, Fascination. She also sang Honey Family’s 5th album Resurrection with two tracks. Jay Park has praised her singing abilities and she’s been included in “Music and Lyrics with Cho Seong-Hyun.

    The two actors were featured in the movie ‘Five senses of Eros an omnibus movie produced by five Korean directors. They were part of one of the three couples with teenage girls that appeared in “Belief in the Moment”.

    Lee played Kim Dong-wook, Song Yoong-ki as well as Shin Se-kyung. Lee Beom-Soo, the character she has fallen in love with a 17th descendant of Hong Gil-dong. a Joseon-era Robin Hood.

    After a brief period as a Bank of America executive, Lee Dong-hoon resigned from his family’s company and quickly rose to the post of Alpha Assets CEO and the company’s largest shareholder. Within a single calendar year, Alpha Assets’ sales revenues grew sevenfold, reaching 10.9 billion won. 

    In July of 2015, Lee Dong-hoon got engaged in marriage to Jun in Japan and the two were married that same year.

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