There was a scandal between Yang Yang Dilireba Dilmurat‎


    Dilireba responds to the scandal with Yang Yang

    She said frankly: How can I have no one? Yang Yang Dilireba have been locked together by the audience since the drama “You Are My Glory“. As we all know, Yang Yang is a very gentleman. He looks handsome and everyone loves him. He has never had any scandals in the circle.

    Her career

    She has always been very serious about her career. If she can film well, she won’t be involved in all kinds of things. She has won today’s good reputation with her strength. Nazha, who was on par with her at the beginning, has been left far behind, and it can be said that she has few rivals in her career.

    When watching “You Are My Glory”, many viewers became their CP fans, and some always believed that they must be together. Everyone imagined that maybe the two secretly fell in love as they were filmed in the play, and they got married when the official announcement was made.

    Dilireba for marriage

    Unexpectedly, after waiting for so long, not only did I not wait for the news of the marriage, but I waited for Dilraba Dilmurat response. In a show, she mentioned that fans are very concerned about her emotional life, including the scandal with Yang Yang. Everyone seems to be afraid that she will die alone.

    Dilireba said frankly on the show, how can I be nobody? It means that everyone doesn’t need to worry. She doesn’t think about emotional issues now. When she really meets the right person, she will tell everyone. And Dilraba Dilmurat Yang Yang, and deleted the interrelated dynamics.

    Although we often say that drama is like life, filming is just filming, and it has nothing to do with real life. When they were promoting their works, they must have a close relationship, because the two are lovers in the play, how can they make everyone feel that there is no connection?

    After the TV series promotion is over, they have to go to other works and cooperate with other people. This is the job of an actor. If you have to fall in love in a movie, it is really too promiscuous, so it is better not to talk about it.

    Is Yang Yang Dilireba a good match?

    Dilireba Yang Yang are indeed a good match, which is the consensus of many audiences, but there is no ambiguous relationship between the two. For them, the real career peak has just begun. If the focus is on love, only the followers will be disappointed, right?

    They on TV

    Since “Smiling, Very Alluring”, I have liked Yang Yang. Because of “You Are My Glory”, I also felt her acting skills and charm, but they still respect their own choices.

    What’s more, not falling in love now does not mean that there will be no chance in the future. For them at this stage, it is indeed more important to work hard. In the future, the focus of work will shift to life, and maybe there will be opportunities. After all, everyone is single.

    At present, Yang Yang still has several dramas, and I haven’t seen you all for a long time, and the editor can’t wait for a long time. I have to say, Yang Yang is really suitable for playing the domineering president. His appearance and temperament are completely suitable for the hero of any novel. Who doesn’t love it?

    Regardless of whether there is a chance to be together in the future, Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat are both like what they said: How can they be nobody?

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