Tim Allen and Katherine “Kady” Mckenna


    Kady’s mother Laura was by her side throughout her childhood in Hollywood. She even performed on the stage in 1982 for very little money Laura also took care of her husband who was seriously ill, while Tim was busy with his new job. They began dating in 2001, and they welcomed Elizabeth in March 2008.

    katherine 'kady' allen
    katherine ‘kady’ allen

    Tim Allen

    Elizabeth Mckenna is the celebrity child of actor Tim Mckenna and Katherine ‘kady” Mckenna. Both Katherine and Tim are currently working but Katherine preferred to keep their relationship private. Tim is open to past relationships, but he insists that his life now is perfect. They are working together to maintain their relationship. Their daughter attended the premiere of “Toy Story 4” with her parents.

    While studying at Western Michigan University, Tim and Laura Allen became friends. After being married for 15 years, they split up. They remained close after their separation in 1999. Their divorce was finalized on March 3, 2003. After their divorce, Laura and Katherine never went back to the limelight. Katherine stayed with her dad. Her father was a drug dealer so she and her mother had a close relationship.

    Tim Allen was a troubled young man who struggled with drug addiction. He was later arrested for cocaine possession. He spent more than a year in prison for cocaine possession. His net worth isn’t public, but he is a well-known celebrity who has earned a decent amount. He has earned a lot of awards and has a solid reputation. Tim still has a lot of work ahead of him, despite his good start in life.

    Despite a difficult start, Tim and Katherine ‘kady Allen’ Allen have remained together for over a decade. Both women share a lot of love and adore their father. Kady does not like being in the spotlight. Kady also prefers to live a private life. They were married in 2001, and they welcomed Elizabeth in March 2008.

    Tim Allen is a multimillionaire. His most recent movie, “Galaxy Quest”, made him $2 million. He is based in Los Angeles, California and owns a house in the city. The property was bought in December 1999 for $ 5 million. His father is an avid car enthusiast who owns many luxury cars. Kady’s net worth is significantly higher than Tim Allen’s.

    Laura Diebel was born on 12 November 1956 in the United States. She married Tim Allen in 1978 after graduating from Western Michigan University. She was a full-time home wife at the time and was named after Tim Allen Signature Tools, her family’s business. The children of Tim Allen and Laura benefit from all the proceeds of the sale of these tools. After the divorce, she returned to sales management, which was her previous career.

    Laura Diebel is the actress’ mother. She is also the mother of Elizabeth Dick. Although she is 20 years older than Katherine Allen, she shares a close relationship with Jane Dick, her father, and their second wife. Elizabeth Allen Dick is her half-sister. Elizabeth Allen Dick is 13 years old and was born on March 28, 2009. She made her film debut with “The Santa Claus” in December 2022.

    Tim’s acting career is booming, but his mother was a stay-at-home mom and primary caregiver for their two daughters. Since then, she has turned her career into a full-time homemaker. She is a homemaker and makes a decent living, but she has dedicated her entire life to raising her children. They own a house in Los Angeles that they bought in December 1999 for $ 5 million. Both are avid motorcyclists. Tim competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona thes with a Saleen-sponsored car back in the 1990s.

    Although Laura Allen was slowly disappearing from the public eye following his divorce, Katherine remained close to her father and was his shadow. Although she was the star of “Home Improvement”, she preferred to keep her private life private. In 2001, Tim Allen began dating the actress Jane Hajduk. They were married in a private ceremony at Grande Lake, Colorado on the 7th of October.

    While Katherine Allen is not open to her father’s relationship, it is clear that he loves her. They are naturally close because his mother is strong and an excellent cook. Tim will make sure to publish any rumors regarding their children. The star’s wife will love it. Nevertheless, Katherine ‘kady’ Allen Tim Allen

    Laura Diebel

    Tim Allen, the actor, is the father of Katherine ‘Kady ‘Allen. They met in college. Laura and Tim had a long-distance relationship but were reunited in April 1984. Laura supported Tim through his drug crimes and they were married. The couple split in March 2003 after a turbulent marriage. Katherine and her husband have a daughter together. However, Katherine lives in the same house as her parents.

    Tim and Laura Allen were together for 15 years. The couple split in 2003 after 15 years of marriage. Despite Laura and Tim being married for fifteen years, they are still very close. Tim is a busy father and Laura is a successful entrepreneur. Tim has one child, Katherine. Elizabeth Allen Dick is her half-sister. Jane, Jane’s older sister, is her close friend.

    Tim and Laura Allen got married on December 8, 1989. They have a son, Tim Jr. They are close friends and have a strong bond. They are close to their children. Although their relationship is not perfect, Katherine and her father are very supportive. Laura Diebel and Katherine ‘Kady” Allen currently reside in Colorado.

    Laura Diebel and Tim Allen began their relationship at Western Michigan University. According to reports, they were soulmates. Laura, a patient housewife and devoted husband to Tim while he was in prison was Laura. After her husband was released, Laura was able to rekindle their relationship. Tim had a son with Laura, and they had a strong marriage. They were married for fifteen years. Their relationship fell apart after their divorce.

    The 1989 birth of their daughter, Laura Diebel, and Tim Allen, was a great moment. Although she doesn’t have a career in entertainment, her parents are very close. Elizabeth Allen Dick is Katherine’s half-sister. Tim and Laura Diebel met at Western Michigan University. They got married in 1984. The couple filed for divorce in 1999. Katherine moved in with her mother, a successful businesswoman, while she filed for divorce.

    Tim and Laura Allen have a net worth of around $80 million. Their wealth was accumulated through their careers as voice actors and actors. Laura Deibel has a net worth of around $2 million. Public records do not list their children. It is not known if they have a child together, but it will be updated if there is any news.

    Katherine ‘Kady” Allen and her husband are both white-skinned. They belong to the white ethnicity. Her weight is unknown. She isn’t active on social media. Katherine has kept all the details about her private life secret. She might have had a relationship with some guys in the past but she is primarily focused on her career.

    Tim Allen’s net worth was estimated to be around $100 million as of early 2022. His annual salary is approximately $235,000 This is just one of his many incomes. He hasn’t been open about his salary, which is a small amount. Despite their fame, Kady and Laura Diebel live quiet lives.

    Kate ‘Kady” Allen and Laura Diebel are a mother-daughter couple who got married in 2010. They stand five feet six inches tall, and they have a son (and a girl). The actress is a stepmother but spends most of her time with Elizabeth Allen Dick, her half-sister. Their daughter went to Toy Story 4 recently and took pictures with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Jessie.

    katherine ‘kady’ allen
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