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    Trey Hardesty James is an American professional basketball player who has played with a variety of NBA teams. He was first selected with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2010 NBA Draft and has since been with The Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers as well as the New Orleans Pelicans.

    He is the 4.3 points as well as 2.0 rebounding each game for the NBA. The basketball statistics are slightly confusing. Here’s a brief overview of his statistics from his career.

    Tazman James

    Born in 1993. Tazman James was the child of Rick and Tanya Hijazi. Both of his parents are actors. His mother’s net worth is in the region of 4 million dollars. Two half-siblings are his, Rick James Jr. and Tyenza. The account on Twitter has 2193 users.

    He’s not shared many pictures on his social media accounts. He’s also associated with Chase Carter, a former dancer who has now launched his own clothing line.

    Despite the net worth of his father, $33 million Tazman tends to be quieter and prefers to live an unassuming lifestyle. The couple doesn’t speak much about their personal lives which is why he’s uncomfortable when he’s out in public.

    His father passed away from heart failure and pulmonary disease and his son was left focused on his work as well as the Universe finding the right match. But, he is determined to follow his father’s path in the field of entertainment.

    Born on the 12th of March 1995. Trey Hardesty James was born in Orange County, California. He was a young basketball enthusiast and was the top player on the basketball team at his elementary school. Today, he’s an entrepreneur and businessman who is successful. He founded THJ, LLC, a firm that owns assets in various companies around the globe.

    Trey Hardesty James is also a part of the Rick and Tazman James Foundation which is dedicated to encouraging the sport of youth and education.

    The dad of Trey Hardesty James is Rick who was a former musician as well as a music director. His stepbrother Ty James is an actress and businesswoman, who is in charge of Rick James. The James family has a long-standing tradition of assisting each other.

    They have four kids, that’s why Trey Hardesty James is so involved in the world of entertainment. They share an enthusiasm for music as well as the business of entertainment.

    Trey Hardesty James

    Teena Marie

    Born originally in the Bronx, New York, Teena Marie was a pop star who gained fame in the 1980s. Despite her popularity, her name was not so well-known and well-liked as other pop stars and her popularity declined after her passing away.

    For her fans, it was a blessing that she fought off disease and passed away from natural causes. Although she was a pop star her name will remember her pioneering work.

    Rick James Jr.

    The family was born in Buffalo, New York, Rick James Jr. was the child of a single mother. He was raised in an orthodox Catholic family. Also, he had an aunt, Melvin Franklin, who sang bass in The Temptations. In the mid-sixties, James relocated to Toronto.

    He was a talented musician and soon became one of the most successful songwriters of his time. The popularity of his music was helped through his collaboration with other artists, such as the famous Elton John and The Temptations.

    Despite having a massive audience but his career was ruined by his addiction to drugs and out-of-control behavior. The second album entitled Kickin’ was a failure across the US as well as the UK and he ended up losing his contract to record at Warner Bros.

    By that time, James’ drug abuse was growing from marijuana during his teens to heroin and cocaine. Then, he began smoking crack cocaine from the privacy of his Beverly Hills mansion.

    The documentary includes conversations that include Rick James’ family members, his manager, as well as people who make up his Stone City Band. The origins of the story are in Buffalo, New York in the 1950s. The family was home to eight children.

    In addition to music, Rick James became a prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist. His most famous song, “You and I,” was released at the age of 17. In the 1990s, Rick James struggled with alcohol and was convicted of sexual assault.

    Following his debut album “Party All the Time,” Rick James became a world-renowned superstar. Alongside producing “Party All the Time” along with Eddie Murphy, he wrote the smash hit song “Party All The Time” along with Eddie Murphy.

    James later wrote his memoir and later, he performed monuments in The Comedy Central show Chappelle’s Show. He was also awarded an ASCAP Career Achievement Award in 2004.

    Following the release of James from jail James relocated from the prison to New York. He began playing in various rock and funk groups. In the late 1970s, James formed a rock band known as “Stone City Band.”

    The group was a huge success and James was granted his first recording agreement with Motown’s Gordy Records imprint. He released his first single in 1978. released “I Feel Myself Getting Emotional” along with Neil Young.

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