What You Need to Know About Brooklyn Zeta Crump


    Brooklyn Zeta Crump
    Brooklyn Zeta Crump

    You may have heard of Brooklyn Zeta Crump and her famous parents, but do you know anything about her? It is not easy to be famous with a celebrity parent, but thankfully, she’s managed to get herself into a great place in life.

    Here’s some information about her. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether she’s the right person for you. After reading this article, you’ll know how to find out more about Brooklyn Zeta Crump.

    Genae Angelique Crump

    Dr. Genae Angelique Crump is a social media star. She is constantly tweeting about her husband’s work. She is also known as Dr. Genae Crump and posts messages about power and justice.

    Genae Crump is a feminist and a supporter of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority. In fact, she has met with President-elect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    Genae Angelique Crump was born in the United States to wealthy parents. Her father, Benjamin Crump, is one of the top 100 lawyers in the country and has received prestigious awards such as the Thurgood Marshall Award and the Ebony 100 Most Influential African Americans.

    She currently works as a doctor in the private sector but is careful to keep her life low-key. She is a shy person and doesn’t talk about her personal life much.

    Dr. Genae Angelique Crump is the wife of human rights attorney Ben Crump. The couple has been married since 1992. In March 2022, Genae Angelique Crump joined the board of Colorful Talks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people achieve racial acceptance.

    Brooklyn Zeta Crump is the only biological child of the couple. The couple has two adopted children, Jemarcus Olajuwan and Chancellor Isiah.

    The couple is raising their daughter Brooklyn Zeta, a medical student. They don’t have a social media page, but they keep their lives private. Brooklyn Zeta Crump is still pursuing her degree, and her parents are keeping the identity of their daughter secret.

    In the meantime, they are living quietly in Lumberton, North Carolina. It is unclear how they plan to make a comeback in the future.

    Brooklyn Zeta Crump is the daughter of a famous attorney and an aspiring actress. Her parents have made sure that Brooklyn’s education is secret and private, so the public can’t get too close to her. However, Benjamin Crump, her husband, is more active on social media and regularly posts pictures of the two of them. This may be an attempt to keep the relationship private.

    Genae Lloyd Crump

    Genae Lloyd Crump is the daughter of Benjamin and Angelique Crump. Her father is a highly regarded lawyer who was listed among the top 100 African Americans by Ebony magazine. She is also the daughter of a lawyer who has won the Thurgood Marshall Award.

    Ben Crump is the founder of a law firm in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a lawyer by profession and served as an attorney for Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery’s families. The four people’s cases have led to a series of protests against police brutality.

    Although her parents are not revealed, the young lady is happy with her life and is very happy in her job. She is also married to a prominent civil rights lawyer, Benjamin Crump, and she has three sisters and one brother. Genae Angelique Crump is a good-hearted person. Besides, she is a well-educated woman who is content with her life.

    Ben Crump and Genae Angelique Crump have two children together. Their daughter is Brooklyn Zeta Crump, and they are guardians of two adopted cousins. Besides her husband and two children, Genae Angelique Crump is also an active member on social media.

    For more information, follow her on Instagram. The young couple lives in Lumberton, North Carolina.

    Benjamin Crump is an American attorney, civil rights activist, and lawyer. His wife Genae Angelique Crump is a doctor. The two share many similar interests. She enjoys social media and is usually seen with her husband at public events.

    Benjamin Crump, also known as “Black America’s Attorney General”, is famous for winning over 200 cases. One of his recent wins was the notorious George Floyd case.

    Ben Crump is a lawyer who has been a part of the legal community for 25 years. He is currently Assistant Principal of Leon County Public Schools and Director of Neglected & Delinquent Programs.

    His wife Genae Angelique Crump, Brooklyn Zeta Crump are three children of a black couple. One of them is a father. The other is a guardian.

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