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    Zonnie Pullins is a well-known singer. She is the daughter Zonnie Pullins and Tameka Cottler. They were in a relationship that ended in Cottler marrying rapper TI. Cottler is Zonnique’s stepdad. They have been married for over a decade. They have a son and a daughter, as well as a stepdaughter.

    Zonnique Pullins’ father

    Zonnique Pullins is the daughter of Zonnie Pulkins and Zonnie “Zeboe”. Zonnique was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Tameka Dianne Harris is her mother, while her father is a musician. She has seven siblings and four step-siblings. Her ex-boyfriend was Zoey Zuko. She is currently with the rapper BandhuntaIzzy. Her father was a television personality.

    Zonnique Pullins was rumored pregnant when she was a teenage girl. According to reports, she was dating the rapper BandhuntaIzzy when she gave birth in August. The baby girl is wearing a pink, heart-shaped, light pink one. The baby girl is currently sleeping on a pillow. The identity of the child is still unknown to the father. Bandhunta Izzy is the father of several children.

    She was reared in a musical home as a teenager. Her mother was also an accomplished singer. She was close to her parents, and she realized a love for music as a child. She was a singer and guitarist growing up. She was a member of the OMG Girlz in high school. Zonnique, Breanna Wolf, and Lourdes Rodriguez were part of the group.

    They met through a singing venture, and they fell in love. They divorced shortly after Zonnique was born. After Zonnique was born, she married T.I. and had a child with Cottle. Since then, they have remarried. Their first child together is the child. Zonnique is a singer/actress and has a net worth in excess of $500,000. She is currently dating Bandhuta Itzzy.

    Zonnie Pullins is Zonnique’s father and a well-known producer. She has released solo songs as well as toured with OMG Girlz. Cheryl Pullins is Cheryl’s stepmom and a Project Management Professional (PMP). As a principal project manager, she has been with Daugherty Business Solutions.

    Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy’s relationship began via direct messages on social media. It took off quickly. They quickly got to know one another and established a real bond before Zonnique gave birth. They met online and remained in touch via phone calls and visits. Zonnique will be the first to acknowledge a baby if she ever pulls.

    His relationship with Tameka Tiny Cottle

    Tameka and T.I. began dating after the dissolution of Xscape. started dating. He had three children while they were still together. Philant Harris is the eldest, and Tameka’s daughter Diana is the second. T.I. T.I. was already a father at this point. Tameka and TI were married in Miami Beach, Florida in 2010.

    Although Tameka Tiny ‘Tiny” and Zonnie Pullins have separated, their relationship is still very public. After Zonnique’s birth, they had separated but were reunited on social media. Since then, they have become close friends and share a great relationship with Zonnique. Zonnie Pullins, who is also a Project Management Professional and a holder of several licenses, is also a friend. Her previous experience includes being a senior project manager at Daugherty Business Solutions.

    They are both very supportive of one another. Tiny’s wife Tameka Cottle is supportive of her daughter. They first met as children and began dating. They had a daughter in 2001. They split up several years later. Tiny moved in with T.I. while Zonnie was in jail.

    They are now married with two children and they have been together for a while. The Zonnique’s mother is Tameka Tiny ‘Tiny” Cottle. They have retained contact throughout the years but they now live far separate. She visits her daughter every day and communicates well via telephone.

    Tameka is the owner and operator of the Atlanta Heirs Basketball team. They participate in the new league Global Mixed Gender Basketball. The inaugural game of the team was played on 23 September 2017. Tameka is also a social media superstar with more than 6.6 million followers on Instagram. Many of her pictures show her breasts. She spends most of her time caring for her grandchildren and children.

    Zonnique Pullins is worth $500,000. Her mother, who is worth between $5 million and $8 million, has a net worth of approximately $5 to $8 million. She has also released many music videos and songs, in addition to her relationship. Her YouTube channel has over 100 000 subscribers. For her song “#FTCU”, she collaborated with Young Thug, a rap superstar.

    His relationship with Cheryl Pullins

    The actress is married to Cheryl Redmond Pullins, and they have two children. Zonnie was previously married to Tameka Cottle. Zonnique, Zonnie’s daughter, lives with her mom and Rapper TI. The relationship between them isn’t perfect. The two of them got into a fight over social media in 2016, but they have since gotten along well.

    Zonnique Pullins, who was the one to defend her mother in an instant battle, was the star of the show. The result was a difficult relationship between the two of them, which ended in a positive place. They maintain communication via phone calls, visits, and the Internet. Rumors circulated that the couple was considering a split. Zonnie Pullins also spoke out about her relationship with Cheryl.

    Before Zonnie Pullins married Cheryl Pullins she was married to Tameka Cottle. Tameka is an American singer-songwriter. Tameka has three stepchildren and is currently married to T.I. Cheryl Pullins and Tameka has two children together. Each woman has a son or daughter. They reside in Los Angeles, California.

    The two women erupted in a heated internet battle in late 2016. They fought on the exact same platform. Cheryl took Cheryl’s daughter’s picture from an Instagram post. Cheryl was also criticized for comments on her daughter’s natural beauty and skin condition.

    After the split, the couple reunited. They are now five months pregnant. She is due any day now. They were friends even though they fought in public in 2016. The relationship between Cheryl Pullins and Tamron was a severe one. They are trying to get along again. The couple will have their own baby but won’t share it. This could be the best way to make sure the baby is safe.

    Zonnie Pullins is the mother of Zonnique Pullins. She is the founder of OMG Girlz and has issued a single. She is very popular and has millions upon millions of Instagram followers. Her Instagram account is full of hot photos because she’s very sociable on social media.

    Zonnie Pullins net worth

    Although her net worth is not known, Zonnie Pullins has become a well-known American personality. She became a celebrity partner. Tameka Cottle and Zonnique Pullins are her daughters. Zonnique Pullins, her daughter, is a singer. Pullins still exercises a lot and wears a size 7.5 shoe.

    Zonnie was the girlfriend of Damian, an American football player from the Atlanta Legends of America Football and Izzy, a rapper, and singer. Izzy and Zonnie did not get married, and they did not stay much time together. Their relationship lasted a few years and they remain in touch. Zonnie is worth $1.5 million. She is young and has the potential for millions. She also has a stable relationship with Rapper TI.

    Tameka Cottle, her husband, is a successful businessman as well as a musician. They have two children. Tameka Cottle is the mother of three stepchildren. Zonnie Pullins’ net worth is $300,000.

    She is also the mother of Zonnique Pullins (a well-known R&B singer). She has also released singles and co-founded OMG Girlz, a girl group. She has millions of Instagram followers and her Instagram account is full of beautiful photos. Her net worth is $100,000. She is one of the most highly-respected artists in the entertainment business. Her family has a net worth of $3 million.

    Tiny Pullins met Zonnie Pullins when they sang in the Xscape concert. Zonnie’s charisma was what lured her to him. After Zonnique was born, the relationship between Tiny & Zonnie changed. Since then, she has moved on in her life and is now experiencing a secure relationship with Izzy. This is a remarkable feat for a young rapper just starting out in the music business.

    Her net worth is approximately $100,000. She doesn’t have any organized social media accounts but she has been making a decent salary throughout her career. She’s still working and might have started her own business. She doesn’t spend much time on social networks. It is hard to determine how much she has gained in the past few years. To avoid being tagged, she has kept her social media accounts secret.

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